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Loves Notes:


Beth’s ability to intuitively lead me toward clarity during the Soul Call Meditation helped me to understand my heart’s true desires and create a beautiful vision board! I’ve done many vision boards over the years, but never one specifically for love. Less than 6 months after my Lasting Love Vision Board Experience I meet my soulmate and am happily in the best relationship of my life. He is exactly what I envisioned and treats me with even more love and respect than I imagined was possible.” -Catherine L, USA

Beth has an impeccable ability to listen accurately and expose, in her amazingly gentle manner, any presumptions or biases I had that were causing my resistance or blockages to love.  I received numerous aha moments during our sessions together that enabled me to shift from heartbreak to freedom.  She was not quick to jump to conclusions – instead, she gave thorough contemplation to my tough conflicts and issues before addressing them with empathy, and graciously guided me towards a healthier perspective.  Her calm demeanor brought such safety, and readily invited me into a trusting relationship in our coaching experience. I have had many counselors and coaches, but Beth Gayden has certainly won her place as my absolute favorite. Thank you, Beth! – CheriseT. (Singapore)
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Beth. Her calm, positive manner balanced my stream of consciousness rambling. She could sift through all the seeming unrelated information and ask the right, thoughtful questions to laser focus my attention on hidden blocks or influences that could sabotage my love life. Beth truly has a gift for coaching a person to find their own, best way. – Linda R., California


Book Notes:


Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Beth while writing my first book. Beth’s sessions and Book Camp have provided me with the focus, inspiration, structure and support that I needed to get organised and making progress with my book. Each week’s tasks have been more than doable even with an already busy schedule. Beth’s calm and beautiful personality and her understanding of the book writing process made me feel safe and supported on this amazing journey. Her heart-centered approach into book writing has helped me to get out of my head, find focus and write from the heart. Thank you again, Beth!

-Minna Salmesvuo, Social Media Tribe,

Brian & Mojo Book Pic


I’ve finally got my book published thanks to Beth!

Providing both a structure and accountability really helped me focus to get the book done and published.  Her constant enthusiasm and expertise has really helped me to finish what was at times a personally difficult process in telling my story and doing it in a way that others would enjoy.

Beth also helped me avoid some potentially embarrassing and confusing use of language.  Who knew colloquialisms could be such a nuisance?  I’d thoroughly recommend Beth for anyone looking to get started, finished and published for writing their book.

You’ll have fun getting it done with this great lady.

-Brian Canavan, Scotland UK,

Listen to Brian’s interview during the “How to Master Your Fears & Start Writing Your Book Now!” Webinar:

Kyria Pic 2 08.08.15Kyria Cover 2 June 22

“I captured the authentic voice of my book!”

I’d been thinking about writing a book for many years. I even took a few starter workshops and looked into self-publishing. Sadly years of time passed while looking into those techniques and ideas. None of those things I explored resulted in me being excited about the writing process.  That is until working with Beth Gayden, the Finish F.A.S.T Book Writing Coach. I was amazed at the shift I had when working with her. The way I was planning to write the book changed. It became exciting and flowed instead of being overwhelming.

During our VIP Day session she drew out more of my creative side that I wasn’t applying to the book idea. This impacted the way I was going to write the book, how I was presenting the content, and even the title I had in my head shifted. Now writing this book became about me and my message instead of a “process”. Sure the method Beth coaches on speeds up the writing process but it also brings the reason I’m writing, my message to the forefront.

Overall Beth’s method is far better than the formula writing programs I was looking into. She helped me capture myself so I could put it in the book and share my message authentically.

-Coach Kyria Kalata of Orange County California,

“Helping you become a living legacy today.”


“If you’re currently an author or aspiring to be one, I can’t say Tammie Polk 2 022enough about how supportive Beth Gayden is and was to me! She exudes support and guidance and I even am still in the [Write Your Book Now Challenge] group even though my book has been published.”

-Tammie Polk, Memphis,Tennessee,


“I have access to over 6,000 new prospective clients since working with Beth.”

Before worHussein Picking with Beth, I was battling to start writing and unable to get going. I was doing lots of activities but not seeing results. I had this great vision of completing an amazing book but could just not get it off the ground. I was relying on the book to help market my business which was struggling financially.

After hearing about Beth and her Finish F.A.S.T. Book Writing Method, I realised some major blocks I’ve been having and something shifted in me. I decided to sign up with her coaching program and within the first week, I started writing my book and began to see big results. Within 2 months I was rounding up my first business eBook and begun to market it.

Beth helped me turn my passion into a real business with her book coaching and people began to notice what I was doing. I got people to invite me for speaking engagements to promote my book. Since working with Beth I now have access to 6,000 new prospective clients, and numerous speaking opportunities for my new eBook.

-Hussein Patel, Cape Town South Africa, Author and Spiritual Wealth Coach,

Nadia Pic 08.05.15I am currently part of Beth’s 9 week book camp and I love how the course has kept me accountable and on track. I also just enjoyed a ‘Write from the Heart Strategy Session’ with Beth . And I loved how she helped me write my latest teaching story which will be published in the kindle series ‘ Wisdom of Midlife Woman 2’ by Linda Joy Publishing on August 25th. I just want to honor how effective the last one [Finish F.A.S.T. Virtual Writing Retreat ] was for me…. Coupled with the breakthrough session we had prior. Beth, it was very powerful to experience. I honestly could have not written a 1000 word teaching story capturing 20 years of my life in such an effective manner if it wasn’t for you, this book camp, and our breakthrough session. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

-Nadia Krauss,


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