Beth Gayden

From the Heart Coaching

Lasting Love Vision Board Experience

“You don’t need to change who you are to attract

lasting love. You get your heart’s desires exactly as

you are, for who you are.”- BG


Do you wish you could connect to your love without having to leave the house?

Do you aspire to have a romantic relationship with someone that loves and appreciates you?

Are you ready to make lasting love a priority in your life?

Your love is waiting for you right now!

You remember what it was like to enjoy your life in the company of another. Now is the time to open your heart and invite in love so you can share each other’s triumphs and troubles. You know how to set goals and make things happen in many areas of your life. Let’s apply those same principles to being found by your love!

The Lasting Love Vision Board

Experience is a private 2-hour session that guides

you through the process of playfully creating

a tangible vision of lasting love.

Men and women around the world are using vision boards, dream boards, and mood boards to create vibrant health, soulmate level love, and dream jobs and businesses. Become a deliberate creator in a global movement that is transforming lives one vision board at a time without leaving the comfort of your own home.

What is a Soul Call?

A Soul Call is more than simply writing “the list” of what you do and do not want in a relationship. It is calling out to the soul of your One, and it begins with your imagination. You get to imagine the things about them that make your heart sing, how you will feel in their presence, and what they will appreciate about you. We will use a personalized Guided Meditation designed specifically for you to unlock the door to true connection with your love and create with clarity the vision to be displayed on your vision board.


What to expect from the Lasting Love Vision

Board Experience:

  • Create a clear vision of your love
  • Experience a life-changing personalized love call meditation 
  • Connect to your love on a deeper level
  • Enjoy a visual display of the love you are creating

By the end of this 2-hour private video session, you would have opened your heart to love and created a vision board that will remind you daily of the life you are deliberately creating with your love

Normally, these private sessions require an investment of $297.

However, I love how the experience gives people the momentum to effortlessly welcome in love, so the price until January 31, 2018, is $97!


What Clients are Saying…

Beth’s ability to intuitively lead me toward clarity during the Soul Call Meditation helped me to understand my heart’s true desires and create a beautiful vision board! I’ve done many vision boards over the years, but never one specifically for love. Less than 6 months after my Lasting Love Vision Board Experience I meet my soulmate and am happily in the best relationship of my life. He is exactly what I envisioned and treats me with even more love and respect than I imagined was possible.

-Catherine L.

Beth has an impeccable ability to listen accurately and expose, in her amazingly gentle manner, any presumptions or biases I had that were causing my resistance or blockages to love.  I received numerous aha moments during our sessions together that enabled me to shift from heartbreak to freedom.  She was not quick to jump to conclusions – instead, she gave thorough contemplation to my tough conflicts and issues before addressing them with empathy, and graciously guided me towards a healthier perspective.  Her calm demeanor brought such safety, and readily invited me into a trusting relationship in our coaching experience. I have had many counselors and coaches, but Beth Gayden has certainly won her place as my absolute favorite. Thank you, Beth! 

– Cherise T.

 I thoroughly enjoyed working with Beth. Her calm, positive manner balanced my stream of consciousness rambling. She could sift through all the seeming unrelated information and ask the right, thoughtful questions to laser focus my attention on hidden blocks or influences that could sabotage my love life. Beth truly has a gift for coaching a person to find their own, best way. – Linda R.



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