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My Book Writing Adventure

My book writing process was a long journey that spanned over twenty years. I have loved to write since I was a young girl. As early as the first grade my friend and I were writing and performing our own plays for our class. Somewhere along the way I let go of my passion for writing and mainly only wrote to complete academic or professional assignments. I started creative writing again after college and spent years writing short stories, devotionals, poems, and articles (but did not let anyone read them). The majority of my writing consisted of ideas left unfinished and certainly nothing that I considered publishing until I wrote a book for my daughter.

My first book, Caitlyn the Cat Goes Dancing in the Mud was a collaborative effort between my father and I to commemorate my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I wrote and he illustrated a fun tale about a cat that loved to go dancing in the rain. Writing this book was a fun, easy, even joyful experience because I was creating something for my precious daughter. However, the processing of having it published was a completely different story. Unfortunately, the publishing company could not quite produce a book that I was satisfied with and proud to present. Consequently, I was left very disappointed with the finished product and shied away from the prospect of publishing more books.

Fast forward 7 years and I was ready to write and publish one of the many books that had been percolating for years, but just was not getting out of my head and into print. The longer it took me to write my book the less I believed I could finish it. It was when I utilized the services of a life coach (primarily for career change guidance) that I was encouraged to fulfill my purpose and finish my book. After two years of dabbling in the process I got seriously committed to writing and publishing my book and took measurable actions. I finally decided I had to finish a book and stop standing just outside of my dreams. Even with commitment, support and encouragement it still took another year to get it in a presentable format and published.

Once the words were finally out of my head and edited I learned the trial & error of the publishing process. When it came to formatting, book cover creation, uploading the manuscript into Amazon it quickly turned into a very time consuming and frustrating process. Thankfully, I learned valuable new skills and persevered in spite of many setbacks. Now I guide others through the process saving them from unnecessary frustration and while maximizing their time and money.

My Purpose

My life’s purpose is to use my compassionate listening and creativity to encourage, support and inspire others to joyfully write life changing books that transform lives and restore hope. What sets me apart from other book writing coaches is my experience in education which taught me the unique value of customizing learning to the learner. I will coach you in a way that caters to your individual way of creating so that you can produce your best book possible with increased clarity and reduced stress. Together we create an Individualized Excellence Plan (IEP) to get your book Finished F.A.S.T.

Write from the heart,

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Beth Gayden, M.Ed.
Author & Creativity and Love Coach
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