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Beth Gayden loves to encourage people as they tap into their unique superpowers to deliberately create the artistic endeavors and loving relationships that they yearn for in life. Her passion for assisting people in opening their hearts to creativity and love springs from her struggles to live and lead with her heart instead of her head. After awakening to the power of an open heart she rediscovered joy and became an internationally known Amazon best selling author, speaker and teacher. 

As a Book Writing, Creativity and Certified Love Attraction TM Coach, her mission is to be the catalyst that encourages clients in connecting with their souls; enabling them to write from the heart and utilize creativity to attract love into their lives. Clients have the opportunity to open their hearts and create in ways that align with their unique needs, experiences, and lifestyles during customized VIP days; workshops; virtual retreats; and group or private coaching sessions.

She is a graduate of Biola University and Liberty University and resides in Southern California with her family. Her books and journals are available on Amazon. She would be thrilled to engage with you on your journey as you create, write, and love with an open heart.

Open your heart,

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Beth Gayden, M.Ed., CLAC
Book Writing, Creativity and Certified Love Attraction TM Coach 
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